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Many organizations today are looking for a way to dissolve isolated storage centers and replace them with a unified storage facility that can be centrally managed regardless of where it physically exists. One company that is leading this unique approach is the one and only NetApp, which is locally represented by its most senior partner – We Ankor.


NetApp in effect is the pioneer in the Software Defined Data Center approach as well as the management of hybrid cloud environments. NetApp’s management center knows how to manage, store and protect data, whether it exists within a specific NetApp system or whether it’s hosted on a public infrastructures such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft, or even if it exists within the NetApp Private Storage (NPS) – a combination of NetApp storage and a public cloud domain such as Amazon and the like.


The Data Fabric concept and NetApp’s On Command Cloud Manager makes it possible for us to manage and organize data in all these platforms as though they existed on one platform. As a result, it’s possible to transfer data between these three layers and even control the charges. For instance, when you need to operate a new server, it’s possible to check which system is available to cater to the server’s needs, and will it be most cost effective to set it up.


Active-Active is one of the most innovative solutions to enable the increase of endurance and availability in the enterprise. 

This unique solution, which is part of the NetApp Metro Cluster OnTap is the only one in the market to provide complete endurance. It enables the setup of two parallel networks, without the same hardware and without compromising on the True Unified Storage functionality. As opposed to competing solutions, renowned for catering to the SAN environments alone, this solution excels in its ability to cater to all storage environments.


Today, following hundreds of innovative projects, We Ankor has evolved into the most successful company with the most in-depth experience in advanced storage solutions. Being the most senior NetApp partner, We-Ankor is privy to an unusually high level of responsiveness to any malfunction or need for changes. As a result We-Ankor can shorten time tables and provide added value to the customers.


We Ankor’s deep investment in its team’s professionalism, led its partners to bestow on the company, year after year, honorary senior partner titles as well as awards for customer service excellence. 



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