Software-Defined Networking

The dynamics and complexities of network systems in IT centers created a need to copy virtualization capabilities to this environment and in the process proceeds to an era of Software-Defined Networking.


Previously, in a bid to add functionality to a communication switch, We-Ankor needed to buy a new switch. However today, in the SDN era, the know-how can be found beyond the hardware. All what is needed is to operate additional functionality via the software.


Software-Defined Networking knows how to apply the capabilities of the; communication protocol layers two and three, the firewall and additional advanced network capabilities and add them to the hypervisor layer of the Vspher. For instance, if you have two virtual machines placed on the same physical machine, and you wish to transfer data in between, they need to go through the Host’s network Interface Controllers to reach the switches and from there move through the firewall and reverse the track to reach the second machine. The activity, best known as East-West traffic, is highly wasteful and it slows the data transfer rate in the IT center.



Thanks to Software-Defined Networking, it’s finally possible to disengage this smart add-on to switches, firewalls and routers and transfer them to the hypervisor layer of the virtual infrastructure. Then when, let’s say, machine A wants to talk to machine B, all that is needed is access to the hypervisor. This dramatically improves the latency and speed of reaction between the machines.


Another new and captivating area belonging to Software Defined Networking is Micro Segmentation. Micro Segmentation makes it possible to provide a solution for one of the most pressing challenges our enterprise customers face today: How to proof your IT against internal attacks.


As opposed to the myriads of solutions designed to block external attacks, the vulnerability of enterprises to internal attacks remains too high. Here too, We-Ankor specializes in deploying innovative solutions. We-Ankor make it possible to piggyback on existing virtual machine controllers and produce a smart firewall that knows how to identify suspicious activity. This unique firewall knows how to identify suspicious behavior in real time, isolate it, produce suitable alerts and recall it only after it has been verified to meet standard behavior. 


Due to the deployment of many projects of this kind in leading enterprises, We-Ankor accrued a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge, enabling the company to lead the virtualization revolution in IT centers.



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