VDI server – significant savings in hardware resources alongside central management and protection


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – is a way for enterprise desktop users to manage all their functions through a central server and not through the user’s work station. As opposed to the Terminal Server, with VDI every user receives his or her operating system configured and modified to their needs, while creating a complete virtual separation between the users. The VDI operates through special virtualization software installed on the server and enables the configuration of many work stations.


The VDI server connection software is installed at the end-point stations, which function via regular operating systems, enabling every user to work in their own familiar work environment including software, files, disc space, Internet, email, etc.


VDI – all the advantages

From the user and IT manager perspective, VDI offers many advantages. See below the main ones:

  • Cost savings - VDI achieves significant cost savings in hardware and physical resources (computers, electricity, disc space), as the operating system and the enterprise’s most popular software are held only once on the server, and there is no need to have a separate area for each work station, only what individually belongs to each computer. The user’s workstations can operate with minimal processing power.
  •  Flexibility and mobility – every user can work at their desktop anywhere not necessarily at their physical work station. It is also possible to “package” the PC  in a capsule file and transfer it magnetically to another virtual environment
  • Protection – All the workstations are easily backed up at one point. The quality of the workstation is no longer relevant, as all the material is backed up in a highly reliable server. When needed, it’s possible to simply recover any PC and its content at any point of time.
  • Management – All the data sits in one place, making it easy to manage and safeguard it. The workstations operation in a unified way in any enterprise. Cross-enterprise changes are made only once via the server, and seldom require any treatment at the workstation level.


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