Today data is an organization’s most important asset. Its intensive growth versus a growing list of risks make enterprise data backup and recovery a sure fire insurance certificate for any business.


Reliable backup technologies and data recovery ensure there is always an accessible copy of enterprise data that is available at all times, with a rapid and precise backup option.


During the last few years, the demands placed on the backup functionalities grew to include performance aspects (a backup window), efficiency (cost savings in storage capacity and partial data recovery), and backup of a virtual decentralized environment that includes smart mobile devices and cloud environments.


We Ankor provides advanced backup solutions that deliver optimal performance, easy access to backed up data, (even by end users) and a central backup for decentralized organizations.


In effect, we are talking about an enterprise insurance certificate. Without data, there is not one organization that can conduct its business. Data today is even more dispersed amongst;  various mobile systems, the cloud, Dropbox, in addition to data that does not exist under the complete control of the IT manager. The role of the data protection utility is to provide peace of mind, ensuring that no matter what happens, the data will be retrievable.


Based on the experience acquired from a multitude of projects, We Ankor chose to partner strategically with Commvault. Our experience has shown the Commvault’s Simpana security software provides a comprehensive solution for managing data and protecting it. It enables a whole range of functions including backup, recovery and archive management, cloud backup, virtual data systems management, data replication mobile end user system backups and more, all through one central user-interface.


A recent example exemplifies how Commvault successfully responded to the challenge of managing data in the cloud: Commvault announced that Simpana has been modified in a bid to provide data protection and management for Amazon Web services cloud systems.   What this means is that Simpana will be able to manage data on the premises and in the cloud. This solution makes it possible for organizations to consolidate their data protection operations including backup, archiving and recovery directly from Amazon’s cloud. 



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