We Ankor has been leading the transition to disc-based backup solutions in the local market for the last few years. These systems enable smart data backup that is faster and more cost effective than conventional tape backup systems, mostly due to technologies that prevent data duplication. This saves space and storage resources and turns the backup process and its management more efficient.


In fact compared to traditional backup methods discs reached savings of up to 1-to-10 !


Moreover, the security concerning the availability and speed from recovering data is much higher. You can know at any given moment that the information is available and there is no need to wait for the moment of truth to suddenly find out if there was a problem with the backup tape.


Another advantage of disc-based backups are the levels of availability and recovery, as opposed to backup tapes, which in some cases cannot be found in the backup robot, rather in some archive, or another site.


Given the outright advantages of disc backups, most enterprises turned backup tapes into another layer of long term security that is not used for immediate recovery. A critical issue here is the speed of backup recovery. An in-depth assessment of typical enterprises recovery cases show that disc backups produce improved RPO and RTO.


The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) measurement shows how much data an organization is ready to lose over a certain period of time. Due to the time and complexities involved in backup tapes, this window of opportunity expands significantly and increases an organization’s vulnerability to significant data losses.


Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is an excellent way of measuring how soon the company can return to its activities. In other words, for how long can an organization afford system downtimes, or on a higher resolution level- how long can an organization function with an email system crash.




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