A flexible data center platform

We-Ankor works with FlexPod, a flexible data center platform that makes it simple to transition to cloud technologies. Many We-Ankor customers need a data center that has been assessed and proven to be economical as well as support physical and virtual environments. Such a solution needs to be easily deployed in an IT environment, managed via the infrastructure and scaled out without interruptions and meet future IT cloud targets.


The FlexPod platform, developed in conjunction by NetApp and Cisco, is exactly that. It is a flexible IT platform comprising of a storage solution, communication and servers. The solution has been designed to simplify the transition from virtualization to the cloud at maximum efficiency and minimum risk3.  


FlexPod advantages over other virtualization solutions:

  • Consolidated technologies validated by industry-leading first-class software partners
  • A single platform built from consolidated IT technologies including  IT, networking and storage , that enables organizations to transit to a big data center without architectural changes
  • Simple and centralized management of infrastructure resources, including end-to-end automation
  • The option of choosing a management solution of different partners that was validated by Cisco
  • A cooperative support model that quickly resolves issues and covers new and existing technologies


Preserving an investment with a flexible and standard IT


The FlexPod platform deployed by We-Ankor provides an infrastructure that readily fits in with today’s virtual environments, and has the flexibility needed to grow at a rate required for future needs, until it fully reaching the private cloud. 


FlexPod’s consolidated architecture runs multiple work environments on all protocols, and adjusts itself precisely to the existing infrastructure. It also leverages existing resources and contracts or eliminates technology replacement costs.


The fact that the FlexPod components are under one standard enable the proper implementation in a short period with minimum risk. As a result, it’s possible to more accurately predict the required floor space power requirements, storage space utilized, performance and total cost of implementing FlexPod.


Scalable to any cloud solution


FlexPod has been designed to expand horizontally and vertically, and then be replicated in a modular fashion, to suit client’s needs. FlexPod can also be used as an efficient starting point from an economic perspective, for virtual environment consolidation solutions. 



A proven solution in a wide range of environments


The FlexPod solution has been pre- tested and tested with different virtualization software, operating systems, applications and infrastructure, including:

  • VMware® View and vSphere
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux® ( RHEL )
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Microsoft® Exchange , SQL Server® , and SharePoint
  • Microsoft Private Cloud built on FlexPod



Best –of-breed components for an efficient data center


FlexPod includes the following components in a standard configuration that supports up to 1,500 users for a set of different work environments:


  • The Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Cisco Nexus
  • NetApp Storage


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