The advantages inherent in a move to a private cloud depend quite largely on the ability to make the transition to this approach properly and seamlessly.  The successful partnership between We-Ankor and Microsoft makes it possible to transition to the Private Cloud and at the same time gain significant operational and infrastructure cost savings.


One of the most visible advantages of transitioning to Microsoft’s Private Cloud lies in its ability to exist on a recognized platform encompassing the private and public cloud from end-to-end, while using the same technologies for identification management including Active Directory, for infrastructure management including System Center and for development including .Net and Visual Studio. Consequently it’s possible to leverage existing investments and take advantage of existing enterprise expertise for future cloud-based developments.


The implementation of private cloud technology by We-Ankor’s team of experts empowers the IT unit by enabling accelerated time-to-market and rapid responsiveness to shifting business needs. Another hidden advantage is the ability to combine Microsoft’s Private Cloud with the power of Window Azure’s Public Cloud, and by doing so further boost IT scalability and efficiency.


The implementation of a Private Cloud makes it possible to achieve the following important advantages:


  • Elasticity – The ability to expand and contract IT resources at the instant click of a button through a Private Cloud infrastructure that can be automatically operated
  • End-to-end management – the power of the cloud means centralized end-to-end management of all IT environments, whether we are talking about a physical or virtual one within the client’s site or beyond, everything is managed at one central point
  • IT data center efficiency – the power of the cloud enables operational cost-savings through automated management of central data resources, while fully ensuring the way the resources are used


We-Ankor has significant advantage in deploying these solutions due to the extensive experience gained during many projects in different types of organizations and industries. The knowledge and professionalism developed over 25 years of operations enables We-Ankor to provide customers with a rapid setup, quick solutions to interruptions, and the ability to seamlessly integrate the network with existing enterprise solutions.



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