An assessment of the issues trumping at the top of the enterprises’ business agenda highlights a number of mega-trends that are fore mostly mobile generated. They focus on the need to provide mobile access through various means, the development of social networks and of course the world of Big Data. Without a doubt, the engine powering these trends is the cloud.


Nevertheless, today many organizations understand that the success of a cloud strategy depends on the basic and critical ability to amalgamate.


It seems that most organizations do not want to replace existing infrastructures in a bid to gain the advantages the cloud has to offer. They would like On-premises networks on one hand, and the constant flexibility of the cloud on the other. From their point of view, the right solution is not an IaaS server or PaaS platform, rather the combination - a unified infrastructure and a platform and also hybrid solutions.


The message about the cloud must echo the ability to innovate and constantly scale the organizations’ IT environment and not just provide a cheap infrastructure and host for applications. One of the distinct advantages of the Microsoft public cloud environment worth a mention is the ability to combine all the platforms and treat them as one platform that can be centrally managed in a transparent way to the end user.


Microsoft Public Cloud solutions for start-ups encompass a real revolution. Start-up companies that began to work with this service benefit from the ability to acquire minimum ownership and access to resources they could not have gained independently.  They receive an open environment without purchasing expensive licenses, servers, management, storage and more, and most importantly, the ability to provide their services on a global scale as though they have a huge data center that can handle a wide scale growth of users, without entering any investment and infrastructure risks.


Another interesting solution that is part-and-parcel of Microsoft’s Public Cloud offering is – Window Azure Storage. Window Azure Storage provides a quick and cost-effective alternative for the growing need to build backup sites and for disaster recovery, since all data transformed to the cloud passes through six replications on default. All of this is achieved at a significantly lower cost than purchasing internal storage solutions.



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