We Ankor provides a range of next level solutions in response to enterprises’ growing need for advanced searches and text analytics.


One of these solutions entails the ability to perform a search in all of the data situated in the organization’s database systems including CRM, ERP, SharePoint and a wider range of databases and file systems.


Organizations that implemented the solution with We Ankor’s support were able to dramatically cut the time their employees required to get the information. Information in some cases would have been impossible to obtain on time without the system.


Due to such solutions, enterprises achieve a significant improvement in productivity, shorter time frames and better results in the face of growing business competition.


The system’s efficiency cuts across all the enterprise departments, beginning with purchasing’s ability to compare prices and costs more efficiently and comprehensively, and the legal department that can more accurately assess agreements and breaches, through to human resources that can easily analyze internal tenders and identify the most appropriate workers for positions far more accurately and efficiently.


You can enrich compilation processes, and assessments of massive amounts of IT system logs, business processes, Internet signaling (RSS) and sensory data with unstructured data. For example: Cross referencing data that contains customer correspondence - with the applicative processes involving the customer, and the organization’s ability to comply with the norms of service, fraud prevention, reduced churn and more.





Elastic.co’s search technology, including all its layers – ElasticSearch, LogStach, Kibana (ELK), enables rapid implementation and a SCALE OUT architecture to build an enterprise search and analysis infrastructure.







Prelert is the leading provider of behavioral analytics for IT security, IT operations, and business operations teams.

The company’s solution analyzes an organization’s log data, finds anomalies, links them together and lets the data tell the story behind advanced security threats, IT performance problems, and business disruptions. Leveraging machine learning anomaly detection and other behavioral analytics capabilities, the solution automates the analysis of massive data sets, eliminating manual effort and human error.

Hundreds of progressive IT organizations rely on Prelert to detect advanced threat activity, reduce false positive alerts and enable faster root cause analysis. Prelert lets your data tell the story. Please visit  or follow  to learn more.


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