We-Ankor specializes in setting up Hadoop based Big Data solutions.

Hadoop is one of the most recognized technology environments and is largely renowned for meeting the Big Data challenge (here too, there are many interpretations, there is  the challenge of interpreting many volumes of analysis.


A challenge involving many volumes of analysis from single TB terabytes to tens or hundreds of TB of data , when there is a requirement to handle high data input rate when there is no defined schema of the data , and any combination of these three challenges ).


The technology base has two components - a distributed file system that takes care of backing up data, and a mapping location - HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Both enable a distributed parallel computing capability known as Map Reduce, which makes it possible for each server to perform a computation on the data it is responsible for, and finally the sum of the results of the calculations of the servers.


When the technology emerged, it was mostly designed for BATCH processes, and demanded administrator expertise in the simplest of administration tasks. During the last two years we are seeing progress in the maturation of the environment, and it’s possible now to find excellent of-the-shelf solutions that take care administrative tasks as well as handling data during shorter periods of time and easily present them, or interface with existing enterprise report systems.


We can see an increase in the use of this technology on almost every field.


Large Hadoop infrastructures have been set up in global credit organizations. Initially there were small scale projects that had nothing to do with the core software, such as optimized customer supply vouchers. Once these projects were successfully deployed, and the R&D teams got used to the technology, more and more core systems transformed to this infrastructure that proved to be more cost effective than the renowned data warehouses.


In the data analysis world, attained from the use of network applications or traffic sites, HADOOP infrastructure has become the leading platform for data storage and analysis. New capabilities that enable real time analysis such as IMPALA, DRILL, SPARK and STORM, complement Hadoop’s analysis capabilities.


In the financial sector, for example, PAYPAL, as presented at EXalte 2013 ( Exelate.com ) serves as a giant cluster of calculations based HADOOP  data mining processes and works with learning algorithms ( MLA ) for analyzing online payment fraud.




SQL-based user interfaces, a simple built in connection to visualization and report systems, 100s of types of connectors developed for almost any database turned HADOOP into an accessible environment for developers, a convenient administration tool with an infrastructure that is based on standard hardware. All this makes it appealing from an economic point of view.



IBM has enriched this environment through a range of capabilities and in many ways has turned IBM BIGINSIGHTS into a technology leader and HADOOP distributor, (see Gartner survey on the subject February 2013 , Forrester Research first quarter of 2014 ).


MapR is a company that has significantly improved the file system (HDFS) and turned it into a simple and effective one. It works flawlessly on the NFS protocol and features increased durability through advanced management capabilities including built SNAPSHOTS MIRRORING between sites, as well as corporate security infrastructure compatibility and more.


We-Ankor has developed an expertise in installations, operations and the development of Hadoop environments, with particular consideration of tools offered through IBM and MAPR. In addition, We-Ankor’s world wide experience in infrastructures is exemplified through planning, adaptation and setup of computational infrastructures tailored to the customer’s demands within the customer IT site or in the cloud.




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