One of the greatest challenges in the world of data security is handling data leakages.


Surprisingly, in many data leakage cases, enterprises begin to be aware of the fact that sensitive information has worked its way out of the organization only when a competing company begins to develop an identical product, when sensitive and confidential information is published on the Internet, or when law enforcement agents inform the organization.


To ensure that this phenomenon is not detected too late, We-Ankor offers its customers Digital Guardian – the world’s leading product for policy enforcement at remote stations, monitoring and data leakage prevention.


Digital Guardian provides data leakage solutions for many of the Fortune 500 corporations, and has the largest deployment base in manufacturing environments in the world.


The deployment of the data leakage solution in millions of centers worldwide has contributed to the augmentation of the product to a level that surpasses other systems available in the market. In tandem, We-Ankor developed implementation methodologies that integrate the technological capabilities with the organization’s needs and the phases needed to implement the system in the organization.


The system is built around the use of information, meaning, what changes and activities are conducted with the information, by who, by when and how.


One of the most challenging topics is information classification. Digital Guardian deals with this challenge through the connections made during the use of information.  Contexts including irregular processes and methods of using the information that contravene with policies, will result in a blockage or a notification to the user.


The system is built in three levels when it comes to policy:


1. User \ computer - on which the policy applies

2. The action - that the user is trying to perform

3. Changing conditions - in which the action will be permitted or prohibited (content or context)


The system is able on every level, to monitor and enforce a policy even on the smallest of activities, such as inserting a word in a search engine, copying details from a confidential file, and so forth. The system makes it possible to perform a variety of activities, beginning from user education on complying with the organization’s policies, while following the activities, without exerting constraints on the users. It also covers the active enforcement and prevention of exchanging sensitive information. All this is achieved while creating logs for monitoring activities and integrating with the ArcSight system.



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