We Ankor specializes in implementing a whole solutions for its costumers based on storage, virtualization, data protection, communication, and back up.

We are a lead and strategic partner of the best infrastructures vendors in the world.

We are NetApp's STAR partner with hundreds of implementations every year



Cyber & Security


We Ankor’s Cyber and Security division is the largest and most experienced security, information and event management (SIEM) integrator in Israel. Today it operates, supports and maintains most of the country’s Security Operation Centers (SOC) and a number of global operations through a team of data security experts



Cloud Saas 



We Ankor Cloud today is one of the largest IaaS solution providers in Israel. We have earned a reputation for delivering on-demand, fully scalable and configurable results at the desktop, application and server levels. Our cloud computing team is renowned for its expertise in Production IaaS and DRaaS


Big Data



Big Data solutions enable better decision-making and profit growth based on the organization's wealth of data. Staying on top of the fast-changing world of big data and its tools demands deep skills in all aspects. At We Ankor our big data managed services help enterprises demystify the planning and process. We work together with clients across multiple industries and platforms to develop customized data systems that are reliable, scalable and integrate seamlessly with existing data infrastructures

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