We Ankor’s cloud services center was established already in 1999 and has been operating successfully for many years. We Ankor’s cloud infrastructure today supports over 2,000 customer servers and is considered one of the three largest national cloud services providers.


We Ankor specializes in projects that shift the customer’s entire IT infrastructure, including key systems, to the cloud. These complex projects reflect We Ankor’s extensive knowledge in IT infrastructure and the company’s experience in working with the public cloud.


We Ankor’s accumulated experience is an outcome of the deployment of over 1000 private cloud projects for corporate customers. Project implementations covered virtualization, storage, backup, disaster recovery, information security and communications, all in the public cloud.


We Ankor applies best-of-breed technologies to provide our customers with select solutions, excellent performance, maximum availability, backup and rapid recovery and an in-built backup facility without affecting performance.


We believe that technologies alone cannot deliver the whole solution alone, which is why we employ top-notch expert engineers that provide our customers with ongoing services, ensuring availability, survivability and peace of min



We Ankor’s main cloud computing benefits:


Savings in hardware equipment acquisition and maintenance costs


The customer does not need to purchase hardware, saving acquisition and maintenance costs as well as electricity costs, floor space and hardware installation costs


Cost savings in human resources needed to operate and maintain an IT center


The infrastructure’s operation and maintenance is provided by We Ankor’s cloud computing experts


The ability to use resources flexibly


The customer defines hardware needs based on existing demands. The customer can acquire additional resources immediately, the moment there is a need


The flexibility in resources allocation saves the enterprise a long and complex process of purchasing IT products through hardware infrastructure suppliers, and eliminates the need to pre-define the required capacity when ordering the hardware


Beyond the difficulties of providing a rapid response to unexpected circumstances, capacity planning needs to meet situations where there is a lot of demand on resources. As a result, during periods of no peak load, resource utilization is low




We Ankor’s cloud computing provides unlimited expansion opportunities both in capacity and number of users


Green technology


The rise in efficiency provided by cloud computing, enables a reduction in energy consumption and reduces environmental harm






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