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The advantages of intelligent storage systems based on Flash technology, are quite obvious to all IT managers. It is crystal clear that any IT center with this technology successfully achieved a significant improvement in performance as well as energy efficiency and savings in maintenance costs.

Nevertheless, even though Flash technology performance levels hold promising business opportunities, there is a need to account for the high costs of these solutions compared to Disc Storage solutions. To this end, the ability to prioritize enterprise data and make decisions tantamount to which section to allocate for boosted performance levels, produces a challenge involving great savings.


We-Ankor provides enterprises with an end-to-end solution in this field. The solution offers a way to scan an organization’s data, identify relevant bottlenecks and as well as the areas needing heightened performance. In turn We-Ankor allocates Flash-based resources in a smart and dynamic way, in line with any changes in the organization.


As opposed to other flash solutions that work in isolated technology environments, the NetApp solution (All Flash FAS) makes it possible to integrate flash technology into the enterprise data center. Consequently, the solution augments the performance, delivers optimum results, and concurrently realizes maximum cost savings.



Infinidat – Storage without borders

The ongoing rapid growth in data puts enterprises in a challenging position when they discover their old data storage system fails to compete with the required growth and expansion rate.


Infinidat, a company founded by Israeli storage guru – Moshe Yanai, offers one of the most innovative solutions in this field.

Being a market leader in storage, We-Ankor was chosen as an Infinidat senior business partner. As a result, We-Ankor provides storage solutions with wide-scale capacity and performance capabilities. That’s why, for instance, an isolated storage system, titled Infinibox can contain two petabyte (two million gigabyte) of data, reach 850,000 IOPS, and to 12 giga wideband throughput.


Infinidat’s solutions successfully compete with the most innovative Disc systems offered by leading companies and deliver a better ROI than existing solutions in the market. The unique licensing model enables organizations to purchase the storage unit with a maximum capacity of two petabytes, but operate and pay only by the actual amount consumed.


The implemented Non-Disruptive Upgrade provides an emergency solution for enterprises with zero downtime. The solution provides a level of survivability beyond five ninths.


We-Ankor’s wide range experience in setting up large storage networks provides customers with an important advantage, due to the ability to integrate Infinidat solutions with existing storage and infrastructure solutions.



NetApp Cluster OnTap

High flexibility and capacity solutions

Enterprises storage needs for high capacity and flexibility led NetApp to develop innovative solutions. We-Ankor, considered the premier partner to NetApp in Israel, leads projects where the NetApp Cluster OnTap solution is deployed.


This solution is known for its in-built ability to Scale-up and Scale-out to systems with up to 24 controllers that act as a single storage unit. In effect they remove the typical obstacles in the way of central storage expansions.


The solution’s uniqueness lies in the ability to supply an almost limitless expansion, with zero downtime and zero migrations. Its implementation enables enterprises to continue to supply services with no interruptions to manufacturing.


The non-disruptive upgrade approach that has been implemented provides an emergency solution with zero downtime. The system supplies survivability beyond five ninths.





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